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So I Started A Blog…

December 26, 2009

So, I finally decided to start a blog.  Since I’m so horrible at remembering to write things down as I notice them with Ian’s preferences as far as learning, maybe if I blog it all, it will help me.  Or maybe I’m just a loser 😛  Anyway, I live in NE Ohio with my husband, and our 2 year old son.  We have 13 pets, too.   We had our son at  home, and he has yet to actually be touched by a doctor(aside from the dentist I work for).  We are currently somewhere in the middle of deciding exactly how he will be schooled, we just know it will happen under our roof.   Fortunately, my grandmother is still around and kicking quite well, so ‘Boy-o’ spends his days with his grandma and great grandma, who live together, while I’m at work.  He also spends many days at home with his daddy when he’s laid off.   I’m very thankful for each day that the Boy-o and my grandmother have together, as I have many fond memories of growing up with her, and I know that he is the center of her life now.   I look forward to him  having memories of great-grandma playing the same stupid board games over and over and over with him as she did with me(how did she ever tolerate that???).  Though I’m not sure he will ever sit still for as long as I did when I was a kid.  We’ll see 🙂

There are alot of things in the world that make me nuts, and alot of things I like to complain about.  I try to, as Ghandi once said(I think it was him), “Be the change you’d like to see in others”.   I used to use Facebook as a kind of ‘soapbox’, but I got tired of being attacked…  The second time someone told me to keep my kid the hell away from the rest of the world, I bailed.  It’s so much better for me as a person to avoid those kinds of situations.  It’s hard to remain positive and put on a positive demeanor for your kid when you’ve just ‘had it out’ with someone over some cyber-thingy.  I just can’t deal with it anymore.  My time is too precious now, and every minute of it I have goes into improving my son, whether it’s one-on-one time, reading about this or that, or whatever.  At least with my own blog, I can post and gripe about all the things I want to, feel like someone who cares about it might actually read it someday, and no one(hopefully) will lurk and attack me for my views.  But then, since this is my VERY first attempt at this, I could be completely wrong.  I guess I’ll find out.  So far in our quest to ‘be the change we want to see in others’, we’ve done completely away with 10 or more individual ingredients in our foods, in other words, if this or that ingredient is present, we flat out don’t buy it.  We don’t use any health and beauty aids with certain ingredients in them, or that have been tested on animals, so that leaves us with mostly home made choices.  Ninety percent of the things we use are made by this woman: ,  and they are BEYOND excellent.  She lives about an hour from us.  What else…  We’re going to try REALLY hard to start homesteading this year.   We’ve been purchasing raw milk from a few different sources primarily for Ian, since he weaned at 9.5 months, and we’ve contemplated doing our own goat milk.   There are a few people who’ve been helping us, and we’ve decided on breeds for chickens and goats.  Next step woud be to start building shelters.   Aside from a direct protest of the food industry, I think it would be an unbeatable learning experience for the Boy-o.   We already buy many of our foods from local sources, a homestead would be about the only next-best-thing.  As a protest to consumerism, we purchase ALOT at second hand stores, garage sales, Craigs List, etc.   I’m sure there are other things, but they’ve become such a part of my life that I don’t think about it anymore.  OH– we use nothing to clean with but vinegar and alcoholfor about 95% of household chores.  I use soapnuts for my laundry.  They rock!!!  More thngs I forgot that are part of our ‘change’…  See if I remember more before I’m done 🙂

Things that you can find gripes, groans, informative links and tirades about on this blog in the future:

Vaccines(pet and people); food additives/obesity epedemic/ADHD, etc; pet foods and recalls; human foods and recalls; birth; school; perhaps the ocassional political post(I’m completely irked by republicans, and getting totally fed up with democrats too.  Next time, I’ll write my dog in for every office, at least I KNOW he cares); big pharma; milk, and why we aren’t allowed to drink it raw without gov’t approval; how mad I am that I can’t live without my cell phone, but how I also can’t afford to live with it; and whatever else might happen to strike a nerve with me on any given day.

Bare with me as I learn to work this thing.  It should be fun.

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  1. December 27, 2009 2:17 am

    Great start! Also, I think you are doing well when it comes to fighting against consumerism. You all are a wonderful example for people in the U.S. to follow. Oh, and thank you for the links.

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