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Insulation! Yaaa!

December 29, 2009

Our nearly 100 year old house has finally gained insulation in the attic, thanks to my husband, and several hours of cussing, thumping, banging, and one knee and 2 nails through the kitchen ceiling.   He is still laid off, and there are no signs of life in his field anywhere in the near, or slightly-distant future.  So, it’s time to “batten down the hatches” spending-wise.  Though our windows are only about 10 years old(my grandmother replaced them a few years before we moved in), you can DEFINITELY feel cold radiating from the glass.  I think the dorky plastic double-sided tape stuff you shrink on with the blow dryer is in order.  We’re already seeing and noticing results form the insulation, and it’s only half done.  There is now actually SNOW a few inches deep on the roof on the half of the attic that is finished.  There is NEVER snow on our roof, all our escaping heat and $$ quickly melt it away.   The total cost to do our whole attic(it’s a 1 1/2 story home) was only around $300, so hopefully we’ll re-coup that shortly in oil savings.   The kitchen is ALWAYS the hottest part of the house at night in the summer whether we cook in it or not, insulating out that 100+ degree air from the attic, and installing the whole-house fan I got at a garage sale for $20 should help that.

Jon installed lights in the attic too, so we can actually USE it.  There is alot of neat and not-so-neat stuff up there from my grandparents and my uncles and my mom when they were kids.  Vintage games, lots of old pictures, boxes and boxes of vintage Hot Rod magazines(Jon was telling me about an article on how to fix up a Pinto so the ladies will love it.  Just because Myth Busters proved you can polish a turd doesn’t mean you should).  There’s even some vintage porn up there(wonder whose that was??).  My hope is that all Jon’s ‘crap(I use that term in the nicest way possible) in the bedrooms upstairs makes its way into the attic, so I can have a room for Ian up there.  I keep telling him that before Ian turns 20 he might want to sleep in a bed and bedroom of his own.  That gives Jon 17.5 years to clean out one room or the other.

While we didn’t use green insulation(cost-prohibitive right now), we did use green “polyurethane” when we (well, when Jon, I was pregnant) refinished the wood floor in the one bedroom.  I can’t find the product on-line(that would be too helpful), but it is available at Baird Brothers Saw Mill in Canfield(it’s no on their site either).  That’s where we purchsed it.  The price was average with other floor sealing products, and it had NO odor to speak of.  None.  When I was pregnant I could smell things 7 miles away, but I could not smell that floor sealant, even when I went upstairs and poked my head in while Jon was using it.  The stuff is great.  If anyone is interested in the product which I cannot FIND online, drop me a line, and I will ask Jon to go out to the garage and get the name off the bottle.  It’s clear, there’s no stain in it, so you have to actually >like< your wood floor, ha ha ha….

The sky is really clear tonight, and the moon is reeeally visible out the window here in the dining room.  Ian loves to stand here and look out at it, and repeat his version of ‘moon’ over and over and over.  Guess I’ll go wake him so he can do that…

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