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50 Things About Us

This is an ongoing work-in-progress…

1. We live in Lordstown, Ohio.

2. We have WAY too many cars.  10 total.  Yes, 10.

3. We have WAY too many pets. More than 10.

4. We’re Ohio Reps for Skunkhaven Domestic Skunk Rescue(  We have 4 rescued domestic skunks in our home.

5. Being members of Skunk Haven enabled us to be on PBS’s Nature program “Is That Skunk?”  in Jan ’09.   We spent 2 days with a film crew helping them capture footage.

6.  We used to have ferrets.  I brought 2 here with me from Japan, 2 cats also.  The ferrets have since passed(as have 2 additional), the cats are still hanging around.

7.  My Standard Poodle has 4 AKC titles, 3 in agility and 1 Canine Good Citizen.  I haven’t competed with him since I got pregnant…

8.  Jon and I met on Yahoo Personals back when it was FREE.  We moved in together 1 month later.  That was 10 years ago.

9. I make dentures and partials for a living, and Jon is an electrician when he’s working, a musician when he’ s laid off.

10.  Jon can play any instrument he’s encountered.   Unfortunately, he also purchases almost every one of those.

11.  We’ve seen Yes 3 times in concert, and Steely Dan 4 times.  And yes, we admit it 🙂

12. Three of Jon’s relatives are pastors.  We remain agnostic.

13.  I was married before to my ‘high school sweetheart’.

14.  I lived in Japan for 4 years, and Oxford, OH and Newport, RI for a year.  Jon has lived allll over Ohio.  Literally. We lived in Columbus together before we moved to Lordstown.

15.  Ian, our son, was born in our living room(on purpose).

16.  Jon would have more kids, but  would rather saw my legs off than go through that again.

17.  Ian’s never been touched by a doctor.

18.  One of Ian’s middle names is the name of  our first pet skunk who died while I was in labor.

19.  Interestingly enough, I’ve found that most of the kids mentioned on home birth lists I’m on have more than 1 middle name.  Must be a thing…

20.  I was a vet tech for a while, until the hypocrisy got to be too much.

21. Most of my pets eat a raw diet.

22. We drink raw milk.

23.  If I had to chose between saving a dog from being hit by a car, or hitting George Dubya with my car, I’d have to flip a coin(and it would depend which car).

24. Jon knows more about more stuff than anyone I’ve ever met.  Fortunately, I know a lot about the things he doesn’t.  He’s learning…

25. My mother and grandmother live right around the corner from me.  My father passed away in 2000.

26. We live in my grandmother’s house, on 2 acres.

27. Jon is currently in 3 bands, and an album he played on and helped produce is available on I-tunes.

28.  Most of our pets have no vaccines.

29.  We are addicted to Chipotle.

30.  Jon and I both own our dream cars. I’m thrilled with mine, Jon will never ever EVER be satisfied with his. Mine is a Taurus SHO, his a 5 liter mustang(sort of).

31.  I really need someone to teach me how to work this blog better! LOL

32.  I think there are only about 7 things in our house that we bought brand new that didn’t come from Craigs List, Ebay or Goodwill.

33. After I talked to my uncle about raising Ian on raw goat milk, he informed me that my dad was raised on it to, and it was HIS job to milk the damned goat.

34. I know more about petfood and vet care than anyone would ever want to hear about any one topic.  That’s how we afford all our pets 😛

35.  Jon knows more about cars than anyone wants to hear.  That’s how we afford all our cars LOL

36.  My dad passed away a few months after I met Jon. They met once, but at that time I didn’t know we would be ‘serious’…

37. Jon and I both did the Martha’s Vineyard juice fast this past year.  It was no fun, but it made my back stop hurting, and we both lost weight.

38. I have 3 bulging discs in my lower back.  I did something at work in Columbus I apparently shouldn’t have done.

39.  I dislike most dogs, and have about 10 reasons not to own every breed, except standard poodles.  That’ why we own one 🙂

40. Our next dog will likely be either a Hovawart or a bull terrier.  It depends on who wins, me or Jon.

41.  We will always have cats around, but once these skunks are gone we will not get anymore, unless we get the opportunity to raise a baby again, like our first skunk, who was the perfect pet.

42.  Jon is addicted to siamese cats.  I can’t stand them.

43.  Not a day goes by that I don’t experience some angst at the thought of animals in factory farms. 

44. Not a day goes by that Jon doesn’t experience angst in some form or the other about life choices he’s made.  But then he’s a worry-wort 🙂

45.  Jon and I are both avid hockey fans, and Ian likes to watch it too.  Jon loves Philly and I love Pittsburgh 🙂 Hockey is the only reason we still have cable.  Otherwise I’d throw that damned box out into the yard… 

46.  Though Jon is a guitar and bass player(predominantly electric), alot of his favorite music is classical.

47.  Jon also loves VERY early Genesis, which I DESPISE. We went to see an early Genesis tribute band a few years ago and I spent most of the concert crying in the lobby.  I REALLY don’t like it.  For some reason, Peter Gabriel Genesis just bothers me, but I love Peter Gabriel.




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  1. August 28, 2011 10:14 pm

    Hi! I saw you on the skunk episode of Nature and have decided to make it my mission this evening to stalk you 😉 Not really. Okay, maybe a little. I was in A Christmas Carol with you in 1992… Kelly Beckman. I was one of Fezziwig’s daughters. One night they had to staple my dress shut backstage. Anywho, I see that we have a lot in common, the biggest thing being unschooling. I used to blog about it, but I became disenchanted with blogging. I still love facebook though, so friend me if you feel like it.

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